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At Holy Trinity, maths is taught in a variety of ways. This includes whole class teaching, practical sessions, individual and group work. The teaching of basic number and calculation skills is fundamental to our approach to maths and is set out in our calculation policy.

Mental arithmetic is a daily activity and there is a structured programme of learning and using times tables at the start of each lesson.

Daily maths skills

Another maths focus we have is a daily maths skills session, where each class, for 15 minutes each day, practise written and mental strategies for the four number operations.

The objectives we teach in maths are taken from the 2014 National Curriculum to encourage investigation, discovery and problem solving. All children have a daily session of maths.


Mathletics is used throughout the school. This is an online teaching resource that is designed to raise standards in maths through the use of games and competition on a global scale. All children are given a user name and password, so they can access the website at home and when they have a gained number of points, they are then awarded with a bronze, silver or gold certificate which is celebrated in assembly.