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Our Classes

Our Classes for the new academic year (2017-2018) are named after famous artists and are as follows:

Reception-Carle Class Eric-Carle-Featured-Artist_R3


Year 1- Monet Class monet

Year 2-Warhol Classd666cfbca968107ebc4329968b3334a5--andy-warhol-soup-cans-andy-warhol-pop-art

Year 3-Britto Class-font-b-Romero-b-font-font-b-Britto-b-font-Paintings-Posters-Custom-Canvas-font

Year 4-Matisse ClassHenri-Matisse-Sorrow-of-the-King-1952-via-The-Tate

Year 5-Picasso ClassWeeping Woman 1937 by Pablo Picasso 1881-1973

Year 6-Van Gogh Classvangogh

Please find below the letters given out to children for each class:

Carle Class Letter     Monet Class Letter     Warhol Class Letter      Britto Class Letter     Matisse Class Letter        Picasso Class Letter    Van Gogh Class Letter