Year 2 - Curie

Welcome to Curie Class!


Miss Murray is our Class Teacher and Ms Garwood is our Teaching Assistant.


Please find information below about our curriculum for this term and check back regularly for information and photographs of our learning.

The first few weeks in Curie Class...

Curie Class

Curie Class 1

This year each class is named after a famous scientist. We are named after Marie Curie. We will be finding out about her throughout the year. We have already started to use this beautiful book by Isabel Sanchez Vegara to find out some facts about her: 

- She was born on November 7th 1867 in Warsaw, Poland. 

- She taught poor children to read and write.
- She discovered what we know today as 'radiation'. 

- She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. She went on to win second Nobel Prize later on in her life.