Parent's Guide to Black Lives Matter

Dear Parents,


Following the absolutely horrific incident in America, Head teachers and teachers across Lewisham came together to make their views heard and stand together to condemn the unlawful murder of an innocent black man George Floyd in Minneapolis.

 The murder of George Floyd must prompt careful reflection about racism in Britain today, and the extent to which it shapes our values, politics and economic life. Our community needs and deserves to feel safe in the belief that its leaders condemn all acts of racism and violence and moreover that they believe racism is an abhorrence that we as Lewisham Leaders reject. Lewisham Leaders have a duty to address systemic racism in our society and we uphold this in our united condemnation of the unlawful murder of an innocent black man George Floyd. 


At Holy Trinity we continue to stand together, united in our commitment to tackle and challenge racism and address inequality and call out discrimination.

Holy Trinity is one big inclusive happy family and always will be.  We love each other and there is a place for everyone at our school, regardless of your race, sexuality, gender, religion or anything else that makes you who you are.

Today we stand united as one family in condemning racism.


Black Lives Matter in Lewisham

A message form Pinaki Ghoshal, Lewisham’s Executive Director for Children and Young People and Angela Scattergood, Director of Education.


The Mayor of Lewisham, Damian Egan has published a statement on behalf of Lewisham Council in response to the killing of George Floyd in the United States. You can read the full statement here: https://lewisham.gov.uk/articles/news/black-lives-matter-in-lewisham

We believe that our schools and settings are key to tackling racism and other forms of discrimination. We will support all Lewisham schools and settings in their commitment to standing against racism and injustice, alongside and in solidarity with the local and global Black community.

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