Jimmy Mizen Success!

Jimmy Mizen Success! 

On Thursday 24th February our football team entered the Jimmy Mizen Cup held at Millwall Community Centre.  

The competition was comprised of 5 schools who all played each other twice. Holy Trinity won 7 games and drew 1 game. Only conceding 1 goal throughout the entire tournament. 


The scores were as follows 1-0 vs Turnham, 1-0 vs Good Shepherd, 5-0 vs Southwark Park, 3-0 vs Fairlawn, 2-1 vs Turnham. 1-0 vs Good Shepherd, 0-0 Southwark Park, 2-0 Fairlawn. 


We will be collecting our trophy at half time during the Millwall vs Sheffield United on Saturday 26th February 2022 in front of 15,000 fans. 

The quality of the football we witnessed today was outstanding we are very proud of all the children who took part.  


Well done to Hezekiah, Jonathan, Mikael, Micaiah. Daniel, Shauna, Jessica from Year 6 and Jaden from Y5.