Past Student Visit

On Tuesday 2nd November, we were visited by Joshua Leslie.  Josh attended the school 20 years ago and contacted us during the pandemic to ask if he could come back and visit us all.  He had such wonderful memories of his time at HT that he wanted to spend the day with us all.  He had a tour of the school and was then interviewed by our Year 4, 5 and 6 children.  Miss Smith, Miss Ranger, Miss Williams, Miss Ming and Jeff all remembered Josh with great fondness.  He was Captain of Jeff’s school football team and they both enjoyed a lovely chat reminiscing about the past! Whilst at Holy Trinity, Josh achieved a scholarship to Dulwich College and now is a very successful corporate banker. The children loved spending time with him and it was a real delight hearing some of his stories. Year 4 were so inspired that they have spent the week completing a range of mathematical problems.