Quotes about our School

“I can honestly say it was a pleasure to lead an assembly at Holy Trinity today. The children were attentive, polite and engaged. All the staff are also very supportive. I felt very welcome. What a lovely school!(Caroline, November 2018)


“Sarah-Jane Pendleton is outstanding in the manner she operates as Head Teacher ,in the relative short time she has been at the school teaching and learning has improved and standards risen.

She has very high expectations of all whom work or learn at the school, she has grown a very strong team of staff. Having an abundance of emotional intelligence she extracts the very best from everyone.

She has organised a whole range of quality CPD which has impacted on the work of the school.

Sarah-Jane is very proactive in monitoring standards across the school – while she is nurturing and supportive to her staff yet she is not afraid of having those difficult conversations and will hold staff to account.

This is very much an inclusive school where every child really matters, the Head Teacher knows where every child is in their learning and what they need to do to improve. Parents are very supportive of the school, parental workshops are a key feature of the school.

I would suggest Sarah Jane is an exemplary Head Teacher who gives so much time and energy to the school.” (Jan, Headteacher Appraiser November 2018)


I must say that I was very impressed with safeguarding standards and processes at Holy Trinity and you are indeed leading the way in the way that your setting has embraced local authority advice and guidance and promptly and robustly followed up with and implemented actions after recommendations.” (Natasha, Safeguarding Audit November 2018)

"The Senior Leadership were very welcoming, passionate, positive, enthusiastic about their school and keen to have feedback as to what could be improved, why and how."


"They were clearly very proud of their school and the achievements to date but wanted to do even better in the future. They exuded warmth, they were very helpful and were professional throughout, as were all staff from the moment we arrived at the entrance."


"The children were clearly at school to learn, to be inspired, to be engaged and to do well, but also to be happy and safe which they clearly were."


"All the children were fantastic-the behaviour was outstanding, they were articulate, receptive, resilient, patient, confident, very respectful and thoughtful and positive relationships were certainly demonstrated throughout the day."


"Holy Trinity Primary School is a positive, stimulating, caring environment in which to learn and the schools' values, culture and distinctiveness shines throughout the school! "


(SSAT Peer Review-June 2018)