Please have a look at story-times with Mrs Joyce:

The Department for Education has released a list of online educational resources for home schooling, please see the link below:

Dear Parents & Carers,


I have put together a list of useful websites that your children can use at home, these are games we have played in class, and use in our IT lessons. Please click on the free links as we do not subscribe to play.


Each child has recieved a Home Learning pack, work through this with your child - 3 or 4 pages a day, remember to keep it fun, we are not expecting you to teach the full curriculum to them, we also don't want parents and children to feel stressed or pressured in these uncertain times. 


I will keep this page updated with relevant resources. Please continue to read at home each day, and remember children are constantly learning - let them help you do the online shop by writing it down, imagine and act out silly stories, let them write down a list of ingredients for dinner, count how many tins you have and how many more you need, these are simple activities that will help them learn with you. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any guidance.


Thinking of you all,


Mrs Joyce


Hungry Little Minds have a range of links to activities for children aged 0-5!

Phonics sessions:


This youtube page has a 5 minute lesson on each of the phonics sounds the children have learnt. The children could watch the mini lesson, then write down all the words they can remember. This could then be extended - children could write sentences using the words.


Please encourage your child to sound out the words (segmenting) then get them to blend them together (blending).


Phonics vocabulary for adults:


Single sounds or graphemes - the written individual sounds of the alphabet

Digraphs - 2 letters together that make one sound - e.g oo/ee

Trigraphs - 3 letters together that make one sound - e.g. igh/ear

Some of our favourite class songs! 


We usually listen to these during our morning snack time, so these may be useful in establishing a routine at home.


Counting by 5 -


Counting by 10 -


Days of the week -


Months of the year -


3d Shapes -


Jolly Phonics Phase 2 (initial individual sounds)


Jolly Phonics Phase 3 (digraphs - 2 letters that make 1 sound)


Action song -  - We usually use musical instruments to 'play along' with this song - can you find any musical instruments at home? Or even make some!!


5-a-day dancing -


5-a-day sports -


Tidy up time song - - this may be useful to get children to tidy up after activities!

Please find weekly projects for all classes below, these can be used in conjunction with the home learning packs we have provided:


Please see below for additional learning packs for each class:

National Children's Day is on 17th May!


Children and Young People - Thinking differently to help our planet!

Reception Class what can we do to make the world a better place? What could you do to help start this?

On a piece of paper draw what you think we should do to make the world a better place! You can then ask your adult to send me a picture of your drawing!


Mrs Joyce x