Our topic this term is seasonal change.

We have included five 5 activities for you to complete and have given a suggested order in which you could do them.

  1. Today’s weather. Look out of the window and think about what you would need to wear today.  If you can access outside space, feel how hot or cold it is. Look out of the window and see what the trees look like.
  2. Draw and label your favourite thing about each season.
  3. Match the pictures with the right season.
  4. Fill in the seasons. You could also find out which months are in each season and write them in too.
  5. Fill in the blanks to complete a fact file about the seasons.


Extra learning related to seasonal change:

You could research why days get longer in summer

You could find out about the planets in our solar system

You could find out how the sun heats the earth and how that affects the seasons.

You could find out if all countries have 4 seasons like the UK.