Topic (Geography)

Our topic this term is ‘Hot and Cold Climates’.

Our English work will focus on Emperor penguins in Antarctica and our geography work will focus on meerkats of the Kalahari and Namib Deserts and how their features enable them to survive a desert environment.

We have included five activities to complete and have given a suggested order in which you could do them.

If you have internet access then you can research meerkats with adult supervision but if not, we have included information about meerkats to help you.


  1. Using the labelled African map, label the countries where meerkats are found on the unlabelled map. Use a different colour for each country.


  1. Labelling features of a meerkat.


  1. Completing a meerkat fact file.


  1. Making a 3d meerkat.


  1. Making a poster showing other animals which live in hot climates.