Year 1

The Department for Education has released a list of online educational resources for home schooling, please see the link below:

Weekly Challenge - can you spot yours?

Dear Parents and Carers,


Your child received a Home Learning pack last week. Please encourage them to work through it, completing a maths and English task each day.

In addition you could try these activities with your child:



Reading a range of books, talking about the story and characters, what happens next, why did the author choose that particular title for the book.

Practising all sounds (see sheet below), looking for them in books and making a list of words using that particular sound.

Write your own version of a favourite story.

Keep a daily diary.

Practise cursive writing using Letterjoin.

Read and write Year 1 high frequency words.


Writing the date each day in full e.g. Wednesday 25th March 2020

Counting to 100 and back again.

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Practising number bonds to 10 and 20 e.g. 6+4, 17+3.

Practising doubles and halves to 20.

Looking for 3d shapes around the home and measuring items using a ruler or small items.

Cooking/baking something together, weighing out the ingredients and writing up the recipe.


Looking for different materials around the home, making a list and deciding which is the most popular material used.

Keeping a diary of your recently planted sunflower seeds.

Researching a favourite animal, presenting the information as a book.

Key skills

Tying your shoes laces

Zipping up your coat

Putting your jumper on/taking it off


We have put together a list of useful websites that your child can use at home. These will be regularly updated. The usual Friday homework will be posted weekly.


Since we don’t know how long this current situation is going to last, it may be useful to draw up a daily routine with your child including meal, play, learning and bed times.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the email addresses below.

With our very best wishes to you all,

Mrs Davis

Mrs Smith 

Weekly challenge 30th March

Science Project

Home Learning

Useful Websites for Home Learning

How to access Letterjoin at home


Rev. Colours “I colori”


1)Song: I colori in italiano per bambini, impara i colori


2) Section 4 new activities Interactive tasks n.1-4