Year 4 - Esther Class

Esther Class Timetable


English 1 We used our knowledge of Science.
English 2 We matched key headings with pictures.


RE 1 In RE, we are learning about wisdom.
RE 2 We looked in the Bible for wise quotes.
RE 3 We took quotes from Proverbs for our wisdom wall.


Maths 1 On 15.01.2020 we took part in a Maths workshop.
Maths 2 We worked together to solve problems.
Maths 3 We had to use our knowledge of known facts.


Year 4 visit Catford and Bromley Synagogue 



We went on an amazing educational visit to Catford and Bromley Synagogue to learn more about Judaism. We experienced what it is like for Jews who attend the Synagogue. As well as being able to handle real artefacts, we learnt more about Judaism through informative questions .

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