Year 4 - Wilma Rudolph Class

Wilma Rudolph Class

Mr Fisher is our new Class Teacher. We also have Mrs Chanler assisting our learning in the classroom.


We have PE every Wednesday morning so please ensure that children come in full PE kit every Wednesday as they will be unavailable to change in school.


This page will be updated throughout the year so please check back regularly to view the pupils progress.


If you would like to contact Mr Fisher then please do so using the following email:


Wilma Rudolph

This year class names have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and have been named after people who have had a positive effect or inspired society.


Wilma Rudolph had a disease called polio from the age of five. She recovered but had a damaged left leg and foot at the age of twelve.  By the time she reached Secondary School she started to show promise in basketball and athletics. At the age of sixteen she qualified for the Olympics and went on to have an incredibly successful career as a sprinter in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 4 x 100 meter relay winning three gold medals and a bronze. She became a role model to black people and women all over the world especially in the United States of America with people looking up to her as a role model with tremendous determination.

Remember her story next time you are feeling stuck on an issue or feeling like you can never achieve your goal. Keep pushing and one day you could conquer the world!

Spring 2021 home learning

Your spring home learning can be found at this link below. 

This can also be found by going to children-home lrearning- year 4

Paper copies can be collected from Friday 8th of January.

Working from home

Hello everyone,

Just because you aren't in school doesn't mean you get do nothing.

I will be uploading learning to this page so please check it regularly.

My email address is Please feel free to contact me about anything and I will try my best to help with any matter.

Useful links

I will be adding various links below to websites that the children can use or people at home can create resources to help their child.

Hit the button

This is a great quicker fire maths game which you can tailor to specific areas of children to improve their mental maths on. Ranging from number bonds to division and square numbers.

What will your high score be?

Times tables

This website id create for creating a times table worksheet for people to practice. As a challenge include the inverse to push children to think a level deeper.

The focus of year 4 is around 6,7,8 and 9 times tables, from 1 times X, all the way to 12 times X.

My Maths 

Here is the link for my maths. I will be adding home learning to do this week for you to complete. There are also a variety of different resources you can use. These range from games to lessons. See what you can complete and then feel free to email to a challenge question for me to solve.


Here is the Nessy login site. This is great to help all children with their reading. This will help with your reading and then you can apply what you have read into your writing. Reading is also a great activity to keep your mind healthy.

Maths learning 11/12/20

This is a revision lesson about perimeter. There is a task you can complete in your house and then some questions that get increasingly difficult. How far can you push yourself?

English lesson 

Friday 11th of December

Today's lesson is focusing on fronted adverbials. We have looked at these previously but not in as much detail. By the end of this lesson you should be able to use a variety of fronted adverbials in your sentences. 

PE lesson 11/12/20

We always finish the day with PE. Due to being indoors there are some specific exercises we can complete. You will complete these in order with a rest in-between each exercise.

Push ups

Try to complete 10.


Sit ups

Try to complete 10.


Start jumps

Try to complete 15.



try to complete 10.

Remember your circuit training lessons and use that to help you with these exercises.

As a challenge see how many times you can complete each exercise.

Monday 14th of December

Collective worship

Maths 14.12.20 mental multiplication

Mental maths extension. Use your number line to help you solve these problems, if possible worj them out in your head

English 14th of December

Tuesday 15th of December

Hello everyone,

Yours maths work will now be moved onto mymaths for you to complete. I will set a variety of challenges for you to complete. You can also complete some of your own. 

English lesson Tuesday 15th of December

English Wednesday 16th of December

Creating a game/quiz

Your challenge for this afternoon is to create a game.

This can be any type of game, that can be played at home or in class.

When I was at school I created my own board game using a painted cereal box box as a board. 

Can you create your game and play it over the holidays or is it like the noun game we play, can the whole class join in?

Look at TV shows such as 'The chase', 'Tipping point' and 'Pointless'. Can you create something similar or can you create a game that is even better?

Thursday 17th of December English


Here are some different activities for you to complete related to Christmas.