Year 5

The Department for Education has released a list of online educational resources for home schooling, please see the link below:

Easter challenges

Here are two challenges for the two week Easter break:


Challenge 1: A retelling of the Easter story.

In class we started looking at key events in the Easter story:

Palm Sunday, Jesus casting the money lenders from the temple, the last supper, Judas betraying Jesus, Jesus crucified and Jesus returning.

Can you retell the story? This could be in writing, as a comic strip, as a series of pictures. Perhaps you could make a booklet explaining each event. I'm sure you know lots of details you can add.


Challenge 2: An Easter egg Lost Thing!

Last term we created our own Lost Things. For this challenge you need to create a new lost thing, which must be made from an Easter egg!

Don't forget to mix mechanical and natural parts, including the egg!

Give it a name and describe it using expanded noun phrases. Can you give some advice about how to look after it?

Why not create your own story about your lost Easter egg thing. 


You can email them anytime:


Grammar - word classes


Knowing your word classes (noun, verb, adjective etc.) is really important and helps reading and writing.


This video shows the different word classes children need to know for their SATs: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, determiners and conjunctions. We've covered these in class so it will help remind children about the ones we've seen.


Try building a word bank of each different class of word, perhaps in a notebook. When you are doing your daily reading you can encourage your child to look up certain words in a dictionary and add them to your word bank.


There are plenty of good dictionaries online:




Don't forget your daily reading!

Don't forget your daily reading! 1

The Maths Factor


This is Carol Vorderman's website that is now free until schools go back. You just have to register. You can select the year group and have a look at Carol's maths lessons and activities. It should be very helpful.

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.


This is something we've looked at in class but children always need to keep coming back to.


Try watching this video:


Then try these printable worksheets:


Here are some challenge puzzles. (the solutions are on the bottom page)


Here are some links that can help with remote learning over the coming weeks:

Topmarks has lots of links to other websites with online games and activities. We use it a lot for Maths (KS2) but there are resources for other subjects as well.

This is useful for writing ideas. There are short videos followed by writing activities.

There are plenty of printable worksheets on Twinkl and they are offering free access for a month.

This is a paid subscription site unfortunately but you may consider it as it allows children to work independently. They build a profile and earn points by working through activities etc.


Other useful websites:



Rev. Numbers 11-20


1) Lezioni d’italiano “I numeri da 11 a 20”


2) Section 5 Interactive tasks n.1-3-4-5 Worksheets n.4

KS2 Creative Writing Lessons: