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Holy Trinity CofE Primary School


We are committed to high achievement for all, supporting pupils and families in ensuring the very best of opportunities are available to them.

''We are an inclusive school and pride ourselves in ensuring that all pupils are provided with a high-quality enriching education. We encourage pupils to reach their full potential intellectually, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. We believe that learning should be fun and encourage pupils, regardless of their Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to access a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.''

At Holy Trinity we firmly believe that all children have an entitlement to be educated alongside their peers in their local community. As an inclusive community, we are deeply committed to removing the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individual pupils, or groups of pupils. Equality of opportunity is a reality for all our children within school and our dedicated Inclusion team work relentlessly to ensure that all children have the right to a fulfilling learning experience, regardless of their social background, ethnicity, academic ability or health. This includes support to all our parents, through workshops and drop-in meetings, as we understand the vital role our families play in the well-being and development of their children and the importance of working together as a team.

    Meet the Team 


 Mrs Pallett 

Mrs. Pallett plays a crucial role as the School SENCo, holding the day-to-day responsibilities for coordinating Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) within the school. In her capacity, she is the primary point of contact for teachers seeking support in aiding their students with additional needs. Additionally, Mrs. Pallett facilitates communication and collaboration with external agencies to ensure a comprehensive approach to supporting pupils' individual requirements. 

Inclusion Team 

 Miss Ambrose - Headteacher 

Mrs Davies - Assistant Headteacher 

Mr Wood - Assistant Headteacher 

Mrs Pallett- SENCo 

Miss Jamie - Pastoral

The Inclusion Team convenes every fortnight to engage in insightful discussions and thorough reviews of various inclusion matters. 

Learning Support Assistants


Our Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) play a vital role in supporting the learning and integration of identified pupils within the classroom setting as well as through interventions. By providing targeted assistance and personalized attention, LSAs help create an inclusive learning environment where every student can thrive. Through their professional expertise and dedication, LSAs work collaboratively with teachers and other staff members to ensure that each student receives the necessary support to reach their full potential academically and socially.

Class Teachers & Teaching Assistants 


All class teachers play a crucial role in ensuring quality first teaching is delivered in the classroom setting by adapting the curriculum and working collaboratively with groups and individuals to enhance understanding across various subjects. Alongside class teachers, teaching assistants are equipped with training to provide support for children through targeted interventions, both inside and outside the classroom, as detailed in our provision map. This coordinated effort between teachers and teaching assistants aims to create a nurturing environment where every child can thrive academically and reach their fullest potential. This structured approach reflects our commitment to providing tailored support to address the diverse learning needs of all students with professionalism and dedication.


Staff Training 

We engage with all stakeholders to develop training programs that not only enhance pupil outcomes but also inspire staff to be reflective practitioners who utilize their learning to enhance their professional judgment. By ensuring that our training is sustained and rooted in a thorough analysis of both student needs and staff experiences, we aim for a profound and enduring impact. Through this holistic approach, we foster a culture of continuous improvement and empower individuals to make informed decisions that positively impact the educational environment.

Alongside continuous professional development, staff have received training from: 

-Drumbeat Outreach 

- Educational Phychologists 

- Speech & Language Therapists 

- NELI foundation 

- Lego Foundation 

- Kaleidoscope 

-Visiting Consultants 




Our SEND Policy is carefully designed with the aim of ensuring that all children at our school have equitable access to the EYFS, National Curriculum, and other aspects of school life tailored to their individual needs. We prioritise not only academic support but also emphasize the vital role of emotional well-being and mental health in our students' overall development.

Recognising every interaction between students and Class Teachers as a pivotal learning opportunity, we view these engagements as crucial interventions.

Our commitment to evidence-based practices is reflected in the diverse range of interventions we offer, ensuring that our provision remains robust and effective in meeting the diverse needs of our students.

By upholding these principles, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential.


Key Policies & Reports

SEND Policy October 2023

SEND Information Report September 2023Intimate Care Policy

Accessibility Plan 23-24

Provision Map 

holy trinity c of e primary school send provision map.pdf


We also have a Speech and Language Therapist (Debbie) and Art Therapist (Aishlinn) who work with children across the school one day a week. We also have a weekly visit from our therapy dog called Benji. 

Lewisham Local Offer

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