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Holy Trinity CofE Primary School

Southwark Cathedral 150th Service











As Holy Trinity Primary School marks a significant milestone of 150 years, the school community came together to commemorate this special occasion with a celebratory service at Southwark Cathedral.

A Historic Gathering

The atmosphere at Southwark Cathedral was filled with excitement and nostalgia as current and former students, teachers, and families gathered to honour the rich history and heritage of Holy Trinity Primary School. The grandeur of the cathedral provided a fitting backdrop for this momentous event, highlighting the significance of the school's sesquicentennial anniversary.

Reflecting on the Past

During the service, attendees had the opportunity to reflect on the journey of Holy Trinity Primary School over the past 150 years. From its humble beginnings to its growth and evolution into a cornerstone of the community, the school's impact on generations of students was evident in the heartfelt reflections shared by alumni and staff.

Honouring Tradition and Innovation

As the service progressed, a sense of pride and gratitude filled the air as speakers paid homage to the traditions and values that have been upheld throughout the school's history. At the same time, there was a recognition of the importance of innovation and adaptability in ensuring that Holy Trinity Primary School continues to thrive for another 150 years and beyond.